Tuesday, August 4, 2020

My Dearest Wishing to Belong to Another Edithion

Fred said,
"It's customary to excuse oneself before trying anything so absurd
As to what you have

"But I thought,"
Sighed Clyde,
"That you would understand that I can't go on living
With this cursed condition
Hovering over us."

"Impatience Immanent Immaterial Immovable
Immense Immeasurable Immodest Imaniniums"

"Don't talk to me like that - it makes no sense. 
You're just blathering off words
That start with Im
As far as I can tell and
It has nothing to do with our relationship."

"Don't try to belittle my felicity.
Don't nullify this electricity.
The Federal District is full of Morons
Who cross the eye and dot the tee."

Sing me another love song
Once more
With feeling.

Play that saxophone.

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