Riding with Young John Waldenthrottle

Strange how a simple bike ride to go fetch a submarine sandwich
or even something so mundane as a trip to get a can of transmission fluid 
can somehow get so out of hand.

Enjoy the adventure...

Part 1   -                        Riding with Fried Chicken

Part 2   -                       Riding with Office Supplies

Part 3   -                          Riding with Grave Diggers

Part 4   -          Riding with Max the Cocker Spaniel

Part 5   -           Riding with the Speed of Lightning

Part 6   -                   Riding with Cyclops and the Duck

Part 7   -                                     Riding with Roadkill
 Part 8   -     Riding with - Uh, Nobody is Riding at All!
 Part 9   -      Riding with a Can of Transmission Fluid
Part 10   -                One Night at the Chicken Shack


The Original Adventures of Young John Waldenthrottle:
(from October 11, 1972)

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