Saturday, January 28, 2012


It was amazing the number of emails that I received after the first Recipes for Cyclists on the Go article was published. Little did I know that so many cyclists would be so receptive to nutritious, easy-to-fix meals that wouldn’t encroach too greatly on their much-needed time on the bike. Without wasting too many more words on this opening paragraph, let’s get right to the meat of this week’s topic.

Broccoli Lima Bean Casserole – (for cyclists on the go!)

Alright – so maybe there isn’t much actual meat to this week’s topic – but it sounds quite tasty nonetheless. This is my second-favorite recipe from probably my most favorite cook book: Home Cookin’ with Dave’s Mom – by Dave Letterman’s Mom, Dorothy. We’ll save my favorite-est recipe for another time.

Naturally, the first thing we have to do is to round up all of the ingredients. Since this is a recipe for cyclists on the go, I like to grab my environmentally-friendly cloth shoulder bag and head off to the grocery store – on the bicycle. Here’s a list of the items that you need to pick up at the grocery store:

One 10-ounce package of frozen chopped broccoli
One 10-ounce package of frozen lima beans
(you probably had a pretty good idea that we’d be needing those two ingredients, huh?)
One can of reduced-fat cream of mushroom soup
(that one was a surprise to me)
One package of onion soup mix
(so was that one)
One can of water chestnuts (sliced)
One stick of unsalted butter
One cup of light sour cream
3 cups of Rice Krispies
(you’ll need to buy the last two items in larger amounts than what is shown above. I could not find them packaged in those sizes anywhere in the store)

Okay – now that you’ve rounded up all that stuff, all you’ve got to do is get back on your bike and head home and-

Okay, maybe for our next article we should discuss: LOCKING YOUR BIKE WHILE YOU’RE IN THE GROCERY STORE.

Take a few breaths. Relax. Count to ten. Alright – let’s continue. Now that you’ve rounded up all that stuff, all you’ve got to do is walk back home and we can begin the meal preparation stage. While you’re walking, just say to yourself over and over, “I’m glad I rode my brother’s bike to the store. I’m glad I rode my brother’s bike to the store.”

Once you arrive home, the next step is to get the rest of the family involved in the nutritious meal process. By rest of the family, I primarily mean: your mother. (Goodness knows we don’t want to bother the brother just yet!) Have your mom come into the kitchen, hand her the environmentally-friendly cloth bag of groceries and the Home Cookin’ with Dave’s Mom cook book opened to page 116. It will take her a few minutes to prepare all that stuff and then dump it into a medium casserole dish and then bake it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes – which will give you plenty of time to jump on your bike and…

Enjoy the ride!

PS – That recipe makes 12 generous servings. I’d suggest that you save at least 10 of them for your brother!      

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