Thursday, March 17, 2016

Did They Have Bicycles When You Were a Boy, Grandpa?

What was that time we waited for
That first fourth of our lives –
And then forgot by the second fourth?
How many wait until laters
Did we partake of?
And wait until later never came.
That bright green bedspread
That looked so good
With the carpet, thick and rich,
Has faded and the ends have frayed
And battles with the vacuum cleaner
Each Saturday.

Forty-two years
And a dozen clocks later,
A closet full of clothes hang,
Still hoping maybe to drape their selves
Over a body like they used to.
But bodies aren’t like they used to be
And the Goodwill box is never handy.
Never made that million, Hon’,
After fifty years of toil
Working for that time clock.
Now I wear this gold watch
Just to watch
All this time that I’ve got
Go by.
Remember when we used to walk
And point out old people –
Wrinkled, grayed and wobbly.
You would say,
“Will you still love me when I get old
And look like that?”
“I’ll bet you’ll look like him
When you get old.”
“Do you think that you’ll grow bald?”

Where’d we put that old photograph album?
I guess I’ll wait and look for it
It can wait one more day.
What was it that Melanie’s son said yesterday?
“Did they have bicycles when you were a boy
That old photograph album
Has got to be here somewhere.
Ah, darn it!
It’ll wait until later.

Heh! Heh!
Did they have bicycles when you were a boy
Heh! Heh! Heh!

Enjoy the Ride! 

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