Saturday, November 26, 2011


I jumped in my van last Sunday morning and headed up to the corner convenience store for a newspaper and to fill up the gas tank. I rounded the corner, pulled into the drive and immediately noticed that the gas pumps under the canopy were gone. “How odd,” I thought, “when did they take those out?”
Oh well – no big deal. There was a Chevron gas station only half a mile up the road. Upon arriving I was greeted by another pumpless gas station canopy. I looked across the street – another convenience store – completely void of gas pumps. I thought to myself, “Seems that something like this should have been reported in the TV news or in the newspaper.” I headed on down the road.
A mile away, as I approach the Exxon station, I could see the closed sign in the window. A block away from that – Texaco – closed. On down the street – Shell – a graffiti-covered building obviously out of business. What the heck is going on here?
I glanced down at my gas gauge. It was on empty. I had driven at least ten miles from the house. Did I have enough gas to get back? I glanced up the highway and it was at that precise moment that I realized I was the only vehicle on the road. I hadn’t seen anyone else driving a car since I’d left home. I was beginning to panic. This was turning into something like an old Twilight Zone episode. I was frantically driving toward my house. I seemed to be getting further and further away from home – no matter how fast I drove. Then the van started sputtering. It died. Oh no! This can’t be! I cranked the key – pumped the pedal. Nothing. The van coasted to a stop. Alone – in the middle of the desert – thousands of miles from my home.
With a terrible jolt, my eyes burst open. My heart was racing – my body wet with sweat. I was lying in my bed – safe in my own house. It was all just a silly dream.
I got up, took a quick shower and dressed. I jumped on my bicycle and headed to the corner store for a newspaper and a gallon of milk. The morning was peaceful and all was pleasant.
I was still thinking about my dream – how foolish it was. Why, there hadn’t been any gasoline anywhere on earth for over twenty years now.
Enjoy the ride!

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